Dreaming in English - Laura Fitzgerald
I received this book through First-Reads.

The summary piqued my interest, but I knew from many, many flops in my reading history that a good
summary wasn't enough. I hoped that Fitzgerald wouldn't drop the storyline and characters, and leave their credibility to be questioned halfway through the book. So, sure, I would give the book a try and keep an open mind when I received the book for free through Goodreads First Reads and give an honest review.

So here it is: this is a GOOD book! Once I started, I couldn't put it down. Even though I would tell myself, okay at the end of this chapter I'll stop...I just couldn't do it. the storyline was excellent, the characters kept me engaged - I love when an author creates characters so true to life that I find myself rooting for them or chastising them as if they were right beside me - Fitzgerald accomplished that. I found myself chuckling often and smiling softly when Tami and Ike would interact.

I wasn't so sure that I would be able to connect to the main character and her plight, but Fitzgerald did a fantastic job of allowing the Tami's character and personality to shine off the page and I realized that, really, Tami was just how I used to be - feeling unentitled - I wanted her to stay in America just as much as she did.

Tami's glee in every little discovery of freedom allowed me to see my wonderful home through another's perspective and I am so thankful for the beautiful picture painted in my mind that I remember whenever something unpleasant happens here. Being born and raised here, we often take the little thigns for granted and I intend to spread my new lease on appreciated for the possibilities open to each of us.

To get ready for her Immigration interview, Tami watches movies and reads books similar to her situation. Her description of GREEN CARD had me curious and after coming to the conclusion that this book was of great quality I knew that any references to outside sources had to be as well. After finishing the book, I rented the movie and found myself laughing so hard and loving it. Thank you, Fitzgerald, for granting the opportunity for readers like myself to receive copies of your book and turning out great quality writing, and for reminding me of the Great American Dream.