Love Story - Jennifer Echols
Easy read. 4 stars as far as light and breezy reads go. (Warning: Riddled with cliches. Read at your own risk, knowing what you're getting into.)

I had been waiting to read this book for ages, letting it sit in my Amazon cart, finally ordering it, and anticipating the sweet moment when I would be able to kick back, relax, and enjoy. I had happened across the news that Jennifer Echols had another book out (remembering Forget You as her baby, and forgetting that The Boys Next Door also came from her writing womb - not that I didn't love both, but the latter had it's time and place in my reading/her writing history), and proceeded to salivate over the possibilities that would unfold with the reading of Love Story.
Let's just say I wasn't awed by the spectacular writing quality. I had to stop myself a few times in the first chapter or two to question whether this really was writing from Echols. I guess I forgot what I was really getting in terms of refinement, technique, and style. Maybe even romanticized past books with the rosy glasses of nostalgia.

That aside, I did enjoy the book. Very much. And the last third of the book definitely caught my interest with a bit of unexpected cleverness peeking through on the author's part, reassuring me that I did remember correctly and there was something to her - she's just not on all the time, when writing. Her quiet lessons seem to only come at the end, there is only growth at the end and that is just not true of life. Which, I guess, is my only real critique of her level of writing skills.

Definitely had moments of frustration with the characters. The first 2/3rds of the book were quite slow, I was pushing and waiting and hoping for the story to pick up; all the while getting worked up in a nervous/excited frenzy whenever the two wrote stories for the class or there was any relevant and meaningful character interaction. Finally, the story started picking up once the two stopped being so cold around one another. When Hunter would take initiative and be the first to offer an unspoken olive branch.

I, for one, felt there was way too much miscommunication and misunderstandings that carried over from the past. Unfortunately, being the girl that she is, Erin totally over-analyzed every little minutia pertaining to Hunter and to any interactions. And I can absolutely relate with that. Do I find it frustrating to read, however? Yes..