Attachments - Rainbow Rowell

I did not expect to like it quite so much. It was quiet and ordinary and not anything spectacular. But I think that's why I liked it so much, the story seemed for real, like it could happen to any one of us. That boring dead end job; we've all been there. Sure, the protagonists triumph in the end. Someone I know would say it's a deception, brainwashing us into thinking that there's always a happy ending. But I say this book does a marvelous job of showing that even the ordinary is okay and bad things happen but life just keeps going and you just have to roll with it. And good things come when we least expect them to. And we know there will be bumps in the road in the future for them, it won't be all perfectly laid out. But that's the point. That love and friendship are there to brighten your ordinary days and lift you during frustrating obstacles. I don't mean to tout platitudes and all the cliches but, hey, they're cliche for a reason I guess.