Exclusively Yours - Shannon Stacey
I'm a read and return kind of girl, I must be my library's best customer. Which is why, when I say that this book is totally worth the bucks I paid for it (ok, kindle edition, you caught me), you know I liked it.

After reading the blurb on goodreads, I thought I knew what I was getting into with Exclusively Yours. Short, fast, easy and formulaic - something to pass the time. Whoo, boy, was I wrong! As much as I enjoy Susan Mallery, nothing has come close to how much I enjoyed this book since I was a kid, deliciously paging through a new book in secret. The thrill and illicit joy came rushing back; I'd forgotten what it felt like.

I'm not sure if I can explain why I loved reading about Joe and Keri, and the rest of the Kowalskis, so much without revealing (and boring you all with) my own little delirious dreams for happy families and love and real - not story-book - happy endings. All I know is that I couldn't wait to come on to goodreads and finally put a five star down for something that really hit me emotionally.

And the writing! Stacey used the phrase "you've got another think coming" correctly! She stole my grammar-girl heart with that one =)