Just One of the Guys - Kristan Higgins
Almost stellar. Minus 1/4 of a star for dragging it out, minus another 1/4 for not enough TrevornChas action, minus 1/2 for limp characterization of Ryan Darling (and his family) who was entirely too easy to dislike considering he's the main competing love interest. I understand the push and pull dynamic was necessary, the whole "show yourself respect" thing and "you deserve to be loved and put first sometimes" but her relationship with Ryan just seemed too forced to be entirely credible.

I'm not wholly certain I can buy into the idea that Trevor actually manned up and admitted his feelings based solely on the fact that he watched his best friend, his favorite father-figure give away the love of his life. I would have hoped that's he'd known it would come to this eventually. I do appreciate his promise to put her first though. I always hope that children don't make the same mistakes their parents did when it comes to relationships.

Everything else I loved.
Even if I had beef with a few things, they clearly weren't enough to make me feel the need to extract excess stars. All summed up, four in total ⭐⭐⭐⭐