Demonglass - Rachel Hawkins
4.5 stars. Near perfection for ya paranormal (Totally different level than PJO).
I love this series and the plot twists. Thank goodness the characters grow, but geez this love triangle is driving me nuts! Is this really necessary to build the story? Not in my opinion.
I know many of my goodreads people did not enjoy the insta-romance bits, so I have to address it: I did like that storyline. I like Cal, he's a great backup character, but it's not fair to him to be in such small and marginalizing role. The whole betrothal thing? So not relevant. In any case, the principal romance works for me because of the almost Lily/James-ness of it, and because of their romance stemming from their friendship. I believe the banter - I hear it everyday in real life. Those couples are cute and awesome and not overly couple-y and just thank goodness they're not all over each other! Which is why I believe the relationship between Archer and Sophie. Plus, I'll admit, the whole fate-working-against-them-thing-but-still-end-up-becoming-close totally adds to their story for me.

But in all actuality, the whole story drove me nuts - literally. I was going crazy: clutching at my hair, flailing, legs in the air, yelling at Hawkins. Seriously, you name it, I was probably doing it.

I cannot wait to get my hands on the next book and the Brannick series after that!