Playing Dirty (Sisterhood Diaries, #3) - Susan Andersen
I'm waffling and can't make up my mind - 4.5 or 5?
No two ways about it though, I've really enjoyed this book. THIS is a book worth every page. Considering the category it belongs to, it could have been pure drivel like most other material out there. I have to say though that this was well written, well thought out and a modern day ordinary fairytale I could get behind. Countless times I found myself thinking, "I want to be like Ava, strong and successful." And to have a man like grown-up Cade, that would be icing on the cake.

Moral of the story? It made me feel good :)

Edit: Rowena's review mentions many points that I noted while reading as well. Why retype something that's already been said? Thanks ;)

Also, I haven't read the first two books of the trilogy - in fact, I was unaware that [b:Playing Dirty|10319829|Playing Dirty (Sisterhood Diaries, #3)|Susan Andersen||15222193] is part of a series. I had no problem following along, it can definitely be read as a standalone. After finishing this book I was hyped to read more about my girls; unfortunately, reviews for the other two books have gotten me down and disappointed. I might ignore the reviews and read them anyway, but I'm not as gung-ho as I was before. What hasn't changed is my ardor for Ava and Cade.